Terms & Conditions

When purchasing a there are a few specific details that you should be aware of, which will only add to the value.

◊ Because each   imade to a specific order, with the types of individual frame chosen to suit the buyers preferences, The size, and expenses Including Postage costs determine the valuation.

◊ The registration of ownership will be valuable to those collectors and dealers who trade in photographs as to the  verification and authenticity of the 

 Trading through the website expected to begin late 2020.

Beneficial for Insurance purposes and also act as protection if lost, stolen or damaged.

◊ Limited to only 10 prints at A3 and 25 prints at A4 each image ensures the increased value,

more information can be found in the Transfer and Re-sale terms

◊ Authenticated and Registered.

◊ Gielstrup Blow is the name given by the founder

David Andrew Gielstrup Blow 

◊ When buying a   you agree to the Transfer and Re-sale terms

  Is based in Farum, Sjælland Denmark.